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Blow (slang)

Type: noun, verb, slang

Pronunciation: /blo/

Also spelled: Blo

What does Blow mean?

1. Cocaine. (noun)

Blow Synonyms: Cocaina, Nose candy, Coca, White horse, Snow, Coke, Yay, Yayo, White Girl, White, Coco, Llello

2. To become popular. (verb)

Blow Synonyms: Blow up, Pop, Go, Viral, Mainstream

Example sentence: “No more blow, you’ve sniffed a mountain.”

Blow in songs:

Popo finna bust in the door, we got blow in the crib” – Logic, Gang Related.

Word on road is the clique about to blow” – Drake, Cameras.

Double cup, gold wrist, Double up on that blow, bitch” – Rick Ross, The Devil Is a Lie.

“I know I’m ’bout to blow, I ain’t dumb They try to take my flow, I take they ass for ransom” – Lil Tecca, Ransom.

Double cup, deuce, four, six, just mix it in Sprite Ecstasy, ‘shrooms, blow, ‘dro, hoes, whatever you like” – Ab-Soul, A.D.H.D.

“You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo” – Eminem, Lose Yourself.

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