Gold album


Gold album (certification)

Type: noun, slang, music

Pronunciation: /gold-al-bum/

Also known as: Gold selling, Gold status, Gold single, Certified Gold, Went Gold

What does Gold album mean?

500 thousand (500,000) copies of an album or project sold.

Gold album Synonyms: Gold

Other music certifications: Diamond, Platinum

Example sentence: “He got a gold album in his first 4 weeks.”

Gold album in songs:

“Who could flip a record company from half a key? And drop a gold album do the math with me” – Jay-Z, Gangsta Shit.

“I went from plaque in my teeth to having plaques on the wall Gold album with platinum records” – Aminé, DR. WHOEVER.

“Saying Russ is this, Saying Russ is that Got a gold album, no features, all self” – Junior, Russ.

Gold album one single I’d say im doin hella damn good” – Joe Budden, Def Jam Diss.

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Gold album
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Gold album
Gold album

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