Platinum (certification)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /pl-at-e-num/

Also spelled: Platinium

Also known as: Platinum selling, Platinum status, Platinum single, Platinum album, Certified Platinum

Related: Plat’, Multi-Platinum

What does Platinum mean?

1 million (1m/1,000,000) copies of a single or albums sold.

Platinum Synonyms: Plat

Other music certifications: Gold, Multi-Platinum, Diamond

Example sentence: “Hits become platinum records.”

Platinum in songs:

“Thankful that they friend’s a platinum star” – J. Cole, Neighbors.

“So give me one more platinum plaque and fuck rap, you can have it back” – Dr. Dre, Forgot About Dre.

“Let her cut that coco on my platinum plaque” – Post Malone, Sugar Wraith.

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