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41st side

41st side (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /fourty-first-side/

Also spelled: 41st-side

What does 41st side mean and stand for?

Queensbridge, New York.

41st side Synonyms: QB

Example sentence: “The rappers are from 41st side.”

41st side in songs:

“My crew the shorty busters, the 41st side of Vernon posse” – Nas, Represent.

I’m fronting on the world once I start 4-wheeling ‘Cause back on the 41st Side, we do it right” – Havoc, Give Up the Goods (Just Step).

“Rest in peace to Marty, a 41st side of Vernon soldier” – Nas, Sometimes I Wonder.

Drop this one for you, you know And for those who don’t know The 41st Side” – Havoc, The Start of Your Ending (41st Side).

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41st side
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41st side

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