Bum (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bum/

Plural: Bums

What does Bum mean?

A homeless or poor person.

Bum Synonyms: Broke boy, Waste, Waste man, Waste yute, Bucktee

Example sentence: “Her ex a bum, a real nigga got her right.”

Bum in songs:

“The coupe look like Akon, fuck all that bum shit” – Future, Fuck Up Some Commas.

Bitch you’re a bum, see you don’t understand” – Tyler, The Creator, OKRA.

‘Bout to make these bum bitches mad again” – Nicki Minaj, BIG BANK.

“Beach bum, call me Ocean Drive Slim” – Lil Wayne, Blunt Blowin’.

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