360 (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /three-sixty/

Also spelled or known as: Three Sixty

Plural: 360s

Related: 360 deal

What does 360 mean?

A record deal where the label owns your music, merch, and tour revenue.

360 Synonyms: 360 deal

Example sentence: “He took less money but he was glad he didn’t sign a 360.”

360 in songs:

“I never signed a 360, bitch you wild dumb” – Nicki Minaj, No Frauds.

“That 360 mean a percentage of every income stream” – Freddie Gibbs, Giannis.

“I didn’t sign a 360, I got mine, not greedy” – Gunna, Speed It Up.

“Come sign a 360 deal, Come grind, P pushing pills” – Sean Price, Smoov P.

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