Certified Gold

Certified Gold (certification)

Type: noun, slang, music

Pronunciation: /cer-tee-fied-go-old/

Also known as: Gold selling, Gold status, Gold album, Gold single, Went Gold

What does Certified Gold mean?

A musical song or album achieving a milestone of 500 thousand units sold total.

Certified Gold Synonyms: Gold, Gold album, Gold single

Other music certifications: Platinum, Diamond

Example sentence: “The album was certified gold very quickly..”

Certified Gold in songs:

Certified gold, at work with platinum” – A$AP Ferg, Olympian.

“Graphic in nature, respect mics I hold Certified gold, 500,000 sold” – Pete Rock, Respect Mine.

“Got me doing shows now And when my album drops, it’s certified gold now” – Yo Gotti, Can’t Stop Me Now.

“In gambling spots with Big L that’s bardom, so why he only certified gold when post-mortem?” – Ras Kass, BARdom.

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Certified Gold
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Certified Gold

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