Ad lib

Ad lib (music)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ad-lib/

Also spelled: Adlib, Ad-lib

Plural: Ad libs

What does Ad lib mean?

A spontaneous vocal effect, word or sound. Ad lib is short for ad libitum.

Example sentence: “I love the ad lib “brr.””

Ad lib in songs:

“Still the same damn ad lib: igh!, old ways” – Chance the Rapper, Pusha Man/Paranoia

Bitch, bitch, That should be my new ad lib” J-Cole, Forbidden Fruit.

“Niggas want a verse, can’t even get a ad lib” – Tyga, 500 Degrees.

Fuck these background niggas, I was tryna ad lib” – Kanye West, Blazin’.

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Ad lib
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Ad lib

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