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Gyal (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /gah-al/ What does Gyal mean? Girl. Gyal is slang for girl. Gyal Synonyms: Gal, Ghell, Broad, Chick, Bae, Shawty, Ting Example sentence: “I cant wait to see my baby gyal.” Gyal in Songs (Lyric Examples): “Gyal say I’m bougie (Word), way too exclusive (Word)” – Stormzy, Vossi Bop. “Gyal […]


Gyalchester (slang) Type: noun, slang, UK Pronunciation: /gal-chest-er/ Related: Gunchester What does Gyalchester mean? Manchester, England. Gyalchester Synonyms: Gunchester, Manny Example sentence: “My ex ting was from Gyalchester.” Gyalchester in songs: “Hit Gyalchester from Birmingham All dem gyal will still twerk for us” – Kano, Pied Piper. “876 thats my orgin, straight from gyalchester to […]