Certified Diamond

Certified Diamond (certification)

Type: noun, slang, music

Pronunciation: /cer-tee-fied-die-mond/

Also known as: Diamond selling, Diamond status, Diamond album, Diamond single, Went Diamond

What does Certified Diamond mean?

A musical song or album achieving a milestone of 10 million units sold total.

Certified Diamond Synonyms: Diamond, Diamond album, Diamond single

Other music certifications: Gold, Platinum

Example sentence: “Sunflower is now certified diamond.”

Certified Diamond in songs:

Of course I want plaques that’s certified diamond” – MC Jin, 100 Thousand Sold Pt. 2.

“I’ll never have ten million, I’ll never be certified diamond” – MC A.$.$, We Ain’t Gangsta.

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Certified Diamond
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Certified Diamond

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