Bridge (music)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /br-idge/

Also known as: The Bridge

Plural: Bridges

What does Bridge mean?

1. A section that connects two parts of a song. A bright can also be used to combat repetitiveness.

Bridge Synonyms: Hook, Chorus

2. Queensbridge, N.Y.

Bridge Synonyms: QB

Example sentence:I’m going to put that line in the bridge.”

Bridge in songs:

“Be The Firm, baby, from BK to the Bridge, my nigga Wiz” – Foxy Brown, Affirmative Action.

What’s up to all my niggas swerving in New York metropolis, The Bridge brings apocalypse” – Nas, Eye for a Eye (Your Beef Is Mines).

Example of a bridge:

“I get so high they wonder why no I can’t go away
I gotta hold my own, know that’s the only way
I’ve been vibin’, let me guide em, I said I gotta know
I’ve been ridin’ for so long I think that it’s time to go
Feeling like an addict that ain’t had it, up and at it in a minute
If it hadn’t been invented, my limit wouldn’t be infinite
I’m feeling like an infant in a womb, I’ma be here ’til the tomb
Lately I’ve been in my room
Lookin’ and lookin’ at records on the wall
Hold up—” – Logic, Like Woah.

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