360 deal

360 deal (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /three-sixty-deal/

Also spelled or known as: Three Sixty Deal, 360-deal, 360

Plural: 360 deals

Related: 360

What does 360 deal mean?

A record deal where the label owns your music, merch, and tour revenue.

360 deal Synonyms: 360

Example sentence: “A lot of major labels sign artists to 360 deals.”

360 deal in songs:

“And stop talkin’ numbers, you signed a 360 deal” – Remy Ma, ShETHER.

“The 360 deal handshakes I ain’t never shook” – Dom Kennedy, Erica Pt. 1.

Can’t be crazy I don’t got no 360 deal” – Boosie, Crazy.

“Why you sign a 360 deal that got you on a shelf?” – Teejayx6, Reload.

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360 deal
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360 deal

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