Tucked off


Tucked off (slang)

Type: phrase, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /tucked-off/

Also spelled or known as: Tucked-off, Tuckedoff

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What does Tucked off mean?

To be out of the way or spending time alone.

Example sentence: “The new crib is tucked off.”

Tucked off in songs:

“Had a session, I had to get back, another 90 to LAX I be out here, I be tucked off” – G-Eazy, Got a Check.

“House in the hills tucked off no phone reception” – Larry June, Organic Watermelon Juice.

Tucked off on these niggas like I’m Waldo” – DaBoii, Juice.

“My granddaddy kept machete Tucked off in that sofa” – EARTHGANG, Machete.

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Tucked off
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Tucked off
Tucked off

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