Emo rap

Emo rap (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Also spelled: Emo-rap

Pronunciation: /e-moe-rap/

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Plural: Emo raps

What does Emo rap mean?

A subgenre of Hip-Hop/Rap; rap about emotional problems, usually suicidal.

Example sentence: “The young mother didn’t want her son listening to emo rap but he listened anyways.”

Emo rap in songs:

“Back to the sad shit, Guess that’s that “emo rap” shit” – Juice WRLD, Starstruck (Version 4).

“I ain’t emo rap, I ain’t sheddin’ tears, I don’t cut myself” – Tom Macdonald, I Hate Hip Hop.

So as soon as I hear y’al on some real pro black, Then I will gladly go back to my emo rap” – Brother Ali, 2nd Time Around.

Emo rap kid still too hood, AP on my wrist, I’m feelin’ like the man again” – Juice WRLD, 25 Minute Freestyle.

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Emo rap
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Emo rap

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