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EA (acronym) Type: noun, acronym Pronunciation: /e-a/ Also spelled: E.A. What does EA mean and stand for? 1. Electronic Arts. 2. East Atlanta, Georgia. EA Synonyms: The A, Zone 6 Example sentence: “EA makes some really good games.” EA in songs: “I got in the game like it’s EA” – Jay Critch, Thousand Ways. “I […]

Easter Pink

Easter Pink (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /east-ter-pink/ What does Easter Pink mean? Lean; A narcotic mixture of codeine and sprite. Easter Pink synonyms: Dirty Sprite, Purple Drank, Drank, Soda, Good Drank, Wock, Wockeisha, Wocky Example sentence: “He poured some easter pink in the cup.” Easter Pink in songs: “Sippin’ on Easter Pink like it’s […]

Easy Mac

Easy Mac (nickname) Type: noun, slang, nickname Pronunciation: /eas-e-mac/ What does Easy Mac mean? Mac Miller’s Nickname. Other Mac Miller Nicknames: Larry Fisherman, Delusional Thomas Mac Miller’s real name: Malcolm James McCormick Fact: Mac Miller’s first rap name was Easy Mac Example sentence: “Mac Miller also goes by Easy Mac.” Easy Mac in songs: “I […]


Eat (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /eat-in/ Related: Eating, Eatin’ What does Eat mean? To make/get money or get what you want. Example sentence: “We’re dropping soon, time to eat.” Eat in songs: “I walked in with my family By any means we gon’ eat” – YFN Lucci, Hustle For Mine. “If you standin’ in […]

Eat me out

Eat me out (phrase) Type: phrase, slang, idiom Pronunciation: /eat-me-out/ Related: Eat her out What does Eat me out mean? A phrase women say to ask for oral sex. Example sentence: “Bad ting say “eat me out“.” Eat me out in songs: “Grab a hand full of braids, make your nigga eat me out” – […]


Eater (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /eat-ah/ Also known as: She a Eater, She an Eater Plural: Eaters What does Eater mean? A promiscuous woman who performs oral sex and swallows sperm. Eater Synonyms: Bopper, Skeezer, Necker, Thot, Skank, Hoe, Prostitute, Spreader, Slut, Whore, Bust down Example sentence: “I don’t want her to be my […]


Eatin’ (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /eat-in/ Also spelled or known as: Eating Related: Eat What does Eatin’ mean? To making/getting money or getting what you want. Eatin’ Synonyms: Eating Example sentence: “You know his family is Eatin’ after he signed.” Eatin’ in songs: “Eatin’ like I’m seated at Swish, Sotto, and Joso’s” – Drake, […]


Eating (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /eat-in/ Also spelled or known as: Eatin’ Related: Eat What does Eating mean? To making/getting money or getting what you want. Example sentence: “The whole team is gonna be eating when we’re up.” Eating in songs: “Yeah, you got some silverware But really, are you eating though? Are you […]