Mumble rapper

Mumble rapper (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /mumble-rap-r/

Related: Mumble, Mumble rap, Rapper, Conscious rapper, Battle rapper

Plural: Mumble rappers

What does Mumble rapper mean?

A rapper whose lyrics are hard to understand at some points.

Mumble rapper synonyms: Soundcloud rapper

Example sentence: “Baby yo boyfriend a mumble rapper, leave him for a real rapper.”

Mumble rapper in songs:

“Had enough of this tatted-up mumble rapper” – Eminem, Killshot.

“Your favorite rapper a mumble rapper” – Meek Mill, Intro.

“You a mumble rapper ramblin'” – Jordan Hollywood, LET ME FIND OUT.

“Look like a mumble rapper but I rap with the precision” – Dax, The Real Dax Shady.

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Mumble rapper
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Mumble rapper