Pro (slang)

Type: noun, adjectives, slang

Pronunciation: /pro/

What does Pro mean?

1. Professional.

2. Prostitute.

Pro Synonyms: Prostitute, Harlot, Escort, Hooker

Example sentence: “My boy just became a pro skater the other day.”

Pro in songs:

“Off the richter, Hector, Camacho Man, Randy Savage Far from average, above status–quo, flow so pro” – Lil Wayne, Mr. Carter.

“I be ballin’ like a mothafuckin’ pro (Like a, huh, like a, huh) I be ballin’ like my nigga Mo” – Sheck West, Mo Bamba.

“Just textbook rhyme style with the raw texture Punchlines, right hooks, now that’s a trifecta No more free lectures, I’m taxin’ these niggas extra This the Pro of all Eras, he’s back in your sector” – Joey Bada$$, ​infinity (888).

“Sometimes I’m wishin’ that my dick had GoPro (Highlight) So I could play that shit back in slow mo (Slow motion) I just shot an amateur video; I think I should go pro” – Kanye West, Highlights.

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