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Freestyle (music)

Type: noun, verb, slang

Pronunciation: /free-st-aile/

Plural: Freestyles

Related: Freestylin’, Freestyled, Freestyle Rap, Freestyle Rappin

What does Freestyle mean?

1. Lyrics created off the top of your head. (noun)

2. To rap off the top of your head. (verb)

Freestyle Synonyms: Freestyle Rap

Example sentence: “Let’s freestyle in my car.”

Freestyle in songs:

“I heard your freestyle on Shade 45, that shit was embarrassing” – Eminem, Kamikaze

“I don’t even like to freestyle for free” – Gucci Mane, I Get the Bag.

“But no freestyle I never do” – Kendrick Lamar, Memories Back Then.

“I drop a freestyle and get a rise outta bitches” – Nicki Minaj, My Nigga (Remix).

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