Starstruck (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /star-struk/

Also spelled or known as: Star-struck, Star struck

What does Starstruck mean?

To be overwhelmed or impressed by a famous person’s presence.

Example sentence: “He was starstruck when he saw Jay-Z.”

Starstruck in songs:

“You’d be starstruck if you see a nigga near you” – Lil Tjay, F.N.

“Stars get starstruck, panties start drippin'” – Nas, Nasty.

“Sellin tapes out of a trunk to movin this far up, Now we got the whole world starstruck” – Dr. Dre, Hello.

Don’t be actin’ starstruck every time they show you love” – Lil Skies, Lust.

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