Mumble rap


Mumble rap (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /mum-bul-rap/

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Plural: Mumble raps

What does Mumble rap mean?

A subgenre of Hip-Hop/Rap with lyrics are “mumbley” or hard to understand at some points.

Example sentence: “It’s 7am and i want to listen to mumble rap.”

Mumble rap in songs:

“I’m sick of your mumble rap mouth” – Eminem, Killshot.

Fuck a mumble rap, that shit won’t never be remembered” – Logic, Wu Tang Forever.

“This is mumble rap extermination” – Joey Bada$$, The Light.

Mumble rap all on that cat, Lil Pump, she makin’ it clap” – A$AP Ferg, Kristi.

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