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EP (acronym) Type: noun, acronym Pronunciation: /e-p/ What does EP mean and stand for? Extended Play. An EP typically has 3-8 tracks. Similar to EP: Single, LP, Album Example sentence: “He said he’s droppin’ an EP next week.” EP in songs: “You want the sleep me to wake, you want Slim Shady EP” – Eminem, Rainy […]


Epic (slang) Type: adjective, slang Pronunciation: /epp-ick/ What does Epic mean? Grand, timeless and amazing. Epic Synonyms: Dope, Legendary, Fire Example sentence: “The screening was epic man, congrats on your documentary.” Epic in songs: “We invite you to somethin’ epic, you know? Well, we hustle out of a sense of hopelessness” – Jay-Z, Can I […]


EPMD (acronym) Type: noun, acronym Pronunciation: /e-p-m-d/ Also spelled: E.P.M.D. What does EPMD mean and stand for? A Hip-Hop group “Erick and Parrish Making Dollars.” Example sentence: “Back in the days we listened to a lot of EPMD.” EPMD in songs: “The worst thing in the world is a sucker MC, Favorite rap group in […]