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Daytona (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /day-ton-na/

Plurals: Daytonas

Related: Daytons, Daytonas

What does Daytona mean?

1. An expensive spoked wire alloy wheel by Daytons.

2. A Dodge Daytona muscle car.

Daytona Synonyms: Dayton

Example sentence: “I just bought a Daytona.”

Daytona in songs:

“Wide body Daytona, bending the corner Them hitters ain’t renters, the tag Arizona” – Moneybagg Yo, Run It Up.

“This is a Daytona Charger Diamonds, my neck, I look flawless I fucked that bitch by the water” – Lil Uzi Vert, RELENTLESS.

“I pour fours in a cream soda My ice wet just like Daytona My dope white like South Dakota And my diamonds are black like Folger’s” – Young Thug, Yamborghini Dream.

“You know your love make my heart race like a Daytona Charger I pour up pints of lean, I’m tryna sleep away my problems” – Rod Wave, Fly.

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