Daytons (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /day-tins/

Singular: Dayton

Related: Daytonas, Daytona

What does Daytons mean?

An expensive Spoked wire alloy wheels brand made in Dayton Ohio.

Daytons Synonyms: Daytonas

Example sentence: “We were cruising around town on Daytons.”

Daytons in songs:

“This kid’s outrageous, he’s buyin’ them by the cases Cause once I copem, I gut ’em and switch the laces They all purpose, ya heard me, kinda like my Daytons” – Nelly, Air Force Ones.

“Bulls jacket with his hat broke way off And walked around the mall with his radio face off Plus he had the spinner from his Daytons in his hand Keys in his hand, reason again to let you know he’s the man” – Kanye West, Drive Slow.

“I be stacking up, got no time for niggas hating Low we backing up, keep that clean and watch some Daytons” – Wiz Khalifa, King of Everything.

I’m more Pappy Mason than Pastor Mason Pacing back and forth, racing, my thoughts on them racing Daytons” – Kendrick Lamar, 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards – TDE Cypher.

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