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Thug (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /th-aug/

Plural: Thugs

Related: Thug life, Thuggin

What does Thug mean?

Someone who is violent and likes to commit crimes.

Thug Synonyms: Hoodlum, Hooligan, Lout

Example sentence: “Baby girl has yet to be with a thug like me.”

Thug in songs:

I’m a self-made millionaire, Thug livin’, out of prison, pistols in the air” – 2Pac, HitEm Up.

“You say I’m a tall thug, guess I’m a G-raffe” – Amine, Caroline.

“I don’t slack a minute, all that thug rappin’ and gimmicks” – Jay-Z, Takeover.

“College girls all want a thug, So it seems that we fiend what we don’t need” – Wale, Bad.

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