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4 door

4 door (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /four-door/

Also known as or spelled: Four-door, Four door, 4-door, 4door

What does 4 door mean?

A vehicle with 4 doors.

4 door Synonyms: Four door, Coupe

Example sentence: “My car is a 4 door, it’ll fit you all.”

4 door in songs:

“I just hopped out thе 4 door” – Kali, Do A Bitch.

I’m talking bout them 4 door Astons Addicted to fashion, diamonds, flashing” – Paul Cain, Wolves In Sheeps Clothing.

Fresh pull up in that new Royce 4 door, federally taking photos” – Short Dawg aka fR€$H, Drop Bands On It.

“My weave costs more than your 4 door I’m slipping off chinchilla coats” – Brooke Candy, Don’t Touch My Hair Hoe.

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4 door
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4 door

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