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Dope (slang)

Type: noun, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /doh-p/

Related: Dopeman, Doped up

What does Dope mean?

1. Marijuana or weed. (noun)

Dope Synonyms: Gas, Reefer, Kush, Broccoli, Ganja

2. Really cool. (adjective)

Dope Synonyms: Tight, Sick, Fire, Clean, Rad, Saucy

Example sentence: “Hey man if you ever need dope, i know the plug. He’s a dope guy.”

Dope in songs:

“We ain’t goin’ back to broke, family sellin’ dope” – Kendrick Lamar, Element.

I’m so dope like, yeah” – Childish Gambino, This is America.

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