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Benz (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /benz/

Related: Benzy, Benzo, Benzi, Benzito

What does Benz mean?

A Mercedes Benz vehicle.

Benz Synonyms: Benzy, Benzo, Benzi, Benzito

Example sentence:I’m buying a benz next year.”

Benz in songs:

“But you forgot you only popped ’cause you was ridin’ trends Now you old news and you goin’ through regrets ‘Cause you never bought that house, but you got a Benz” – J. Cole, 1985.

“Park the Benz just to the ride the Wraith Skrrt skrrt Ten million dollars, gotta hide the safe” – Quavo, Portland.

“I pulled up in the Benz, they all got up in We all went to din’ and then I had to pay If you fuckin’ with this girl, then you better be paid” – Kanye West, Gold Digger.

“I’ma turn this TSX into a Benz soon I’ma see a lot of blessin’s for my friends soon Hunnid-fifty-inch screen in my bedroom 6’1″, man, a nigga need some leg room” – Drake, Sneakin’.

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