2 door

2 door (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /two-door/

Also known as or spelled: Two-door, Two door, 2-door, 2door

What does 2 door mean?

A vehicle with two doors.

2 door Synonyms: Two door, Coupe

Example sentence: “I just bought a 2 door whip.”

2 door in songs:

“I pull up in that 2 door they all on my you know” – Montana of 300, Versace (Remix).

2 door in the whip, we done popped off in it” – Tory Lanez, The Godfather.

2 door that is, I’m a big dog, got Cujo status” – Rich Homie Quan, War Ready.

“Since you’ve been on that high horse your life been at a new low And I’ve been chucking deuces from that 2 door with my new ho” – Fabolous, Guess Who’s Bizzack?.

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2 door
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2 door

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