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Dare Type: noun, verb Pronunciation: /deer/ Also known as: D.A.R.E Related: Darin’, Daring What does Dare mean? 1. To challenge someone to do something risky or bold. 2. Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Example sentence: “I dare a nigga to try.” Dare in songs: “I might kiss the baddest bitch if you dare me” – Nicki […]


Darn (slang) Type: exclamation, phrase, slang Pronunciation: /darn/ What does Darn mean? Damn. Darn Synonyms: Dayum, Dammit Example sentence: “Darn, I forgot my headphones.” Darn in songs: “Hanging around, and buying him stuff You seem him every darn day, you don’t see him enough” – Slick Rick, Teenage Love. “The hurricane come and took my […]