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Benzito (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ben-zi-toe/

Related: Benzy, Benzo, Benzi, Benz

What does Benzito mean?

A Mercedes Benz vehicle.

Benzito Synonyms: Benzy, Benzo, Benzi, Benz

Example sentence: “I bought my baby a benzito.”

Benzito in songs:

“If you in a Benzito or your mother’s Buick Regal I get up like Chino shoutin power to the people” – Mos Def, Do It Now.

I’m late, so hit the brakes and park the Benzito 007, incognito” – Rakim, Put Your Hands Together.

“Puffin’ the lye from my Twinzito Up in the Benzito with my kiko from Queens nicknamed Perico We go back like PAs and wearin’ PJs” – Big Pun, Still Not a Player.

“Niggas in my faction don’t like asking questions Strictly gun testing, coke measuring Giving pleasure in the Benzito” – The Notorious B.I.G., 1995 Westwood Freestyle (Me & Craig).

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