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Dat (slang) Type: pronoun, determiner Pronunciation: /da-at/ What does Dat mean? That. Example sentence: “I was just at dat same party you were at.” Dat in songs: “Why you, why you keep that tool like dat?” – Kodak Black, Like Dat. “Who dat boy? Who him is?” – Tyler, the Creator, Who Dat Boy? “We […]

Dat way

Dat way (slang) Type: phrases, slang Pronunciation: /dat-way/ Also spelled or known as: That way Related: Dat What does Dat way mean? For real. Dat way synonyms: That way, Forreal Example sentence: “I’m boutta be rich! Dat way.“ Dat way in songs: “Which way? Dat way, tell ’em, ayy” – Takeoff, Get Right Witcha. “We […]