Bach (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bak/

Also spelled or known as: ‘Bach

What does Bach mean?

a Maybach.

Example sentence: “I was whipping in the back of the Bach.”

Bach in songs:

“Valet say, “Jizzle, nigga, stay in new shit But everybody ‘Bach back cause that nigga can’t drive”” – Jeezy, Seen It All.

“Your boy back in the building; Brooklyn, we back on the map Me and my beautiful bee-itch in the back of that ‘Bach” – Jay-Z, Dirt Off Your Shoulder.

“Whole lot of big money, I talk that I ain’t have to buy her she a big bach” – YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Nicki Minaj.

I’m swervin’, but I’m in back of the ‘Bach I’m Persian, man I got hoes from Iraq” – Gucci Mane, Good Drank.

“I know you turned your back on me just to get some racks I seen you swerve back, ’cause I’m in the black ‘Bach” – Roddy Ricch, Ballin’.

“I got him in the back of that ‘bach, I think he catchin’ feelings” – Nicki Minaj, All Eyes on You.

“It’s a MAC, fact, I’m in the black ‘Bach We never lack, lack with that strap” – Nicki Minaj, Welcome to the Party (Remix).

“Back of the ‘Bach, back of the ‘Bach Back of the ‘Bach, back of the ‘Bach” – Nicki Minaj, Good Form.

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