Fucked (slang)

Type: verb, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /fawkd/

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What does Fucked mean?

1. To have had sexual intercourse.

Fucked Synonyms: Smashed, Piped, Hit, Banged

2. To be messed up, damaged or ruined.

Fucked Synonyms: Burnt, Turnt

Example sentence: “Took her to BK and we fucked on the bridge.”

Fucked in songs:

“I just hit a three peat, Fucked three hoes I met this week” – Travis Scott, Antidote.

“Big bag bussin’ out the Bentley Bentayga Man, Balenciaga Bardi back and all these bitches fucked” – Cardi B, Up.

“You don’t want your baby mama fucked, keep the ho from near me” – Tee Grizzley, First Day Out.

“I touched down in ’86, knew I was the man by the age of 6 I even fucked the girl that used to babysit” – Drake, All Me.

“She said she want more, your girl is a ho You need to let go, she fucked all my bros” – Nav, ​beibs in the trap.

“I took a white bitch to Starbucks That little bitch got her throat fucked” – XXXTENTACION, Look At Me!.

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