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Blower (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /blow-err/

Plural: Blowers

What does Blower mean?

1. A gun.

Blower Synonyms: Burner, Iron, Rod, Mop, Clapback, Llama, Stick, Banger, Pole, Strap, Heat, Jammy, Blammer, Blick, Choppa, Blicky, Problem solver, Yoppa, Blucka

2. A phone.

Blower Synonyms: Celly, Pager, Beeper, Jack, Line

Example sentence:Don’t text my blower crazy ever again.”

Blower in songs:

“Ian’s proper, every morning phones my blower Food on fleek, take two of each, I call that Noah” – Digga D, Mad About Bars.

“I keep a blower for the lawn, I fucked the evens and beat the odds” – Blueface, Fucced Em.

“I chip a nigga, then throw the blower in his lap Walk myself to the court like, “Bitch, I did that!”” – Kendrick Lamar, XXX..

“My first offer was 30 years, not a day lower I told them crackers holler at me when they sober On parole, I’m a felon, you think I ain’t got that blower? Yeah you right, bro take his head off his fuckin’ shoulders” – Tee Grizzley, First Day Out.

“King in my trenches, I’m not active, all I know is when Tote the blower, this like oh to ten, yeah” – Meek Mill, Expensive Pain.

Don’t start nothing without your blower, that’s a one way trip Six feet under, real life, that’s all gunplay is That is that hood shit When young niggas on that misunderstood shit” – Jay Rock, ES Tales.

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