On Fleek


On Fleek (slang)

Pronunciation: /on-flee-k/

Also spelled: On-Fleek

What does On Fleek mean?

On point, perfect, or flawless.

On fleek Synonyms: Stunnin’, On point

Coined by: Kayla Newman

Origin: In 2014, “On Fleek” was popularized by Chicago-area teen Kayla Newman, after she posted a video on Vine on June 21, 2014 under her username “Peaches Monroee.” In which, she described her eyebrows as being “on fleek.”

Example sentence: “I just cleaned my car now it’s on fleek.”

On Fleek in songs:

“Who that on fleek in the cut? (Cardi)” – Cardi B, Bartier Cardi.

“Nigga livin’ TTG and everything is still on fleek” – Young Thug, Best Friend.

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