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Blick (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /b-lick/

Related: Blix, Blicky

Plural: Blicks

What does Blick mean?

1. A gun.

Blick Synonym: Strap, Iron, Rod, Blammer, Blicky

2. To shoot.

Blick Synonym: Blast

Example sentence: “Please don’t blick in the neighborhood.”

Blick in songs:

“Now I’m like, “Shit,” I hopped out so quick, then I raised my blick” – King Von, Took Her to the O.

Top down, ridin’ ’round with the blick” – 50 Cent, The Woo.”

“When I slide, nightlight on the blick, bet I’m on my shit when I’m outside” – Kodak Black, Super Gremlin.

Can’t step out the house unless I got my blick” – NLE Choppa, Shotta Flow 3.

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