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BBC (acronym) Type: noun, slang, acronym Pronunciation: /b-b-c/ Plural: BBCs What does BBC mean or stand for? 1. Big Black Cock. BBC Synonyms: Shlong, Long D 2. Billionaire Boys Club. Example sentence: “This new t-shirt is by BBC.” BBC in songs: “Put this BBC all in her ear, she said “Owee”” – DC The Don, […]


BBK (label) Type: label, acronym Pronunciation: /B-B-K/ What does BBK mean and stand for? Boy Better know. Similar to BBK: QC, TDE, MMG, 4PF, OVO, YSL, OTF, YMCMB, A$AP, YM, YNW, YBN Example sentence: “BBK is based mainly in London.” Coined by: Skepta BBK in songs: “Nigga we ok, boy better know BBK, You want […]


BBL (acronym) Type: noun, acronym Pronunciation: /b-b-l/ Also spelled: B.B.L. What does BBL mean and stand for? Brazilian Butt Lift. Example sentence: “My girl better stop talking about getting a BBL.” BBL in songs: “She wanna BBL but trust me, I’ma treat her well” – Dave, God’s Eye. “Morphine dreams in the ER, Got her […]


Bboying (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /b-boy-in/ Also spelled or known as: B-boying, B boying Related: Bboy, Break, Breaking, Break dancing, Breakdance What does Bboying mean? To be performing a high energy acrobatic style of street dancing. Example sentence: “I’m used to all the bboying.” Bboying Origin: Bboying is a style of street dancing that […]


BBQ (acronym) Type: noun, acronym, slang Pronunciation: /b-b-q/ Also spelled or known as: B.B.Q., B-B-Q Plural: BBQ’s What does BBQ mean? Barbeque. BBQ is short for Barbeque. Example sentence: “Put that patty on the BBQ.” BBQ in songs: “40 hit his face, BBQ his ass like a grill” – Lil Mouse, Get Smoked. “Granny at […]


BBW (acronym) Type: noun, acronym, slang Pronunciation: /b-b-w/ Plural: BBW’s What does BBW mean? Big Beautiful Woman. BBW Synonyms: Thick, Pawg Example sentence: “Baby right there is a BBW.” BBW in songs: “that’s right, I like my girls BBW” – Drake, Only. “I like my girls BBW” – Lil Wayne, Admit It. “A big ass […]