Jack (slang)

Type: verb, noun, slang

Pronunciation: /jack/

Related: Jacked, Jackin’, Jacker

What does Jack mean?

1. To steal.

Jack Synonyms: Rob, Jugg, Stiff, Finesse, Loot, Mug

2. A phone.

Jack Synonyms: Celly, Pager

Example sentence: “If they don’t let us take it with us, i’ma jack it.”

Jack in songs:

“You jack my style, she jack me off, and y’all both acting awkward?” – A$AP Rocky, Jukebox Joints.

“Jack me? Nah, you don’t wanna do that” – Skepta, That’s Not Me.

“Where restless (Niggas) might snatch your necklace, and next these (Niggas) might jack your Lexus” – Kanye West, Jesus Walks.

“These niggas lookin’ for me, you could hit my jack” – 6ix9ine, BILLY.

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