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Banger (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bang-r/

Also spelled: Banga

Related: Bang, Bangin’, Gangbang

Plural: Bangers

What does Banger mean?

1. A gun or weapon.

Banger Synonyms: Llama, Stick, Mop, Pole, Strap, Heat, Uppy, Choppa, Chopstick, Draco, Drum, Glizzy, Hammer, Heater, Iron, Rod, Pocket Rocket, Piece, Pole, Shotty, Tool, Yoppa

2. A great song. (noun)

Banger Synonyms: Smash, No. 1, Hit, Classic, Bop

3. Someone who gangbangs.

Example sentence: “Aquafina by Joe Trufant ft. Kap G is a banger.”

Banger in songs:

“You aim it ‘fore you bang it let that banger leave you brainless” – A$AP Rocky, Goldie.

“I keep me a banger like Birdie” – Future, Jersey.

“Chinchillas shake on the hanger, the force of this banger” – Nas, Adam and Eve.

“I keep the banger, my brother, my partner” – Takeoff, Deadz.

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