Pole (slang)

Type: noun

Pronunciation: /po-ol/

Plural: Poles

What does Pole mean?

A gun. Pole is slang for a gun.

Pole Synonyms: Draco, Tool, Yoppa, Choppa, Glizzy, Stick, Piece, Strap, Toolie, 40, Iron, Rod, 9

Example sentence: “He’s on probation because they found the pigs found the pole.”

Pole in songs:

“I’d rather be strapped and ride with a pole” – Desiigner, Champions.

“I’m really small but I can fight but I’ma still up that pole” – YBN Nahmir, Rubbin off the Paint.

“I keep a pole in the whip” – Kodak Black, Calling My Spirit.

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