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By any means

By any means (phrase) Type: phrase, slang, idiom Pronunciation: /by-any-means/ Related: By any means necessary What does By any means mean? In any way to get something done. Example sentence: “I’m going to cop that whip by any means.“ By any means in songs: “I’m on some tax-free shit by any means” – GZA, 4th […]

Bye Felicia

Bye Felicia (phrase) Type: phrase, slang Pronunciation: /bi-feli-cia/ What does Bye Felicia mean? Goodbye. Bye Felicia Synonyms: Peace Example sentence: “She tried to curve me, but i been said bye felicia.” Bye Felicia in songs: “I am my brothers keeper told them bye Felicia cause a nigga don’t need em’” – Takeoff, Trippin. “After I […]


BYOB (acronym) Type: phrase, acronym Pronunciation: /b-y-o-b/ Also spelled: B.Y.O.B., B-Y-O-B What does BYOB mean and stand for? Bring Your Own Booze. Example sentence: “The party tonight is BYOB.” BYOB in songs: “That girl is poison like Bell Biv Devoe We have a barbeque to do at four Swimming pool party in the back on […]