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BM (slang) Type: noun, acronym, slang Pronunciation: /b-m/ Plural: BM’s Related: Baby Mama, Baby Mother What does BM mean and stand for? Baby Mama or Baby Mother. BM stands for Baby Mama or Baby Mother. Example sentence: “He went grocery shopping with his BM.” BM in songs: “I just bought my BM a Benz, now […]


BMF (acronym) Type: noun, verb, acronym, slang Pronunciation: /b-m-f/ Also spelled or known as: B.M.F., B-M-F What does BMF mean? 1. Black Mafia Family. 2. Blowin’ Money Fast. Example sentence: “Recently watch some videos about BMF.” BMF in songs: “Saint Laurent shorty and toting that .40 We move through the city like BMF” – Meek […]


BMI (music) Type: noun, acronym Pronunciation: /B-M-I/ What does BMI mean and stand for? Broadcast Music, Inc. Similar to BMI: ASCAP, SESAC, SoundExchange Example sentence: “A lot of producers use BMI.” BMI in songs: “Warner to Chappell to BMI, I’m just rollin’ the dice” – Rick Ross, Supreme. “She asked how much publishing I made […]


BMT (acronym) Type: noun, acronym, slang, UK Pronunciation: /b-m-t/ Also spelled or known as: B.M.T., B-M-T What does BMT mean? Big Man Ting. Example sentence: “We going to Birms next week for a BMT.” BMT in songs: “On my Hotline Bling, I’m kind of wavey BMT, you don’t know me” – R.S., Fire in the […]


BMW (slang) Type: noun, slang, acronym Pronunciation: /B-M-W/ What does BMW mean and stand for? Bayerische Motoren Werke, or Bavarian Motor Works. BMW Synonyms: Bimmer, Beamer Example sentence: “I’m gonna be driving around in a BMW soon.” BMW in songs: “Y’all been together ten years, you deserve a ménage, ‘Specially if you put that BMW […]


BMX (acronym) Type: noun, acronym, abbreviation Pronunciation: /b-m-x/ Also spelled: B.M.X. What does BMX mean and stand for? Bicycle Motocross. Example sentence: “I love riding my BMX bike.” BMX in songs: “Been in these streets since BMX bikes” – Fabolous, Ah Man. “Ride the dick like a BMX” – Cardi B, MotorSport. “I handle these […]