Savage (slang) Type: adjective & noun Pronunciation: /sav-age/ Plural: Savages What does Savage mean? Someone who doesn’t care about the consequence of his or her action. Synonyms: Rude, Reckless, Ruthless, Cruel Example sentence: “Can’t believe he did that, what a Savage.” Savage in songs: “My niggas is Savage, ruthless” – Offset, Bad and Boujee. “Grimey […]


Skrilla (slang) Type: noun, money Pronunciation: /skr-e-la/ Also spelled: Scrilla What does Skrilla mean? Money. Synonyms: Cheddar, Benji, Stacks, C-Note, Guap, Cheese, Dinero Coined by: E-40 Example sentence: “I can’t go shopping without the Skrilla.” Skrilla in songs: “That skrilla, that skrilla, boy, I’m ’bout my skrilla (I’m ’bout my skrilla)” – Kodak Black, Skrilla. […]


Slatt (slang) Pronunciation: /Sla-t/ Related: Slime What does Slatt mean? Slime Love All The Time. Synonyms: Gang, Bro Coined by: Young Thug Example sentence: “Aight i’ma see you tomorrow, Slatt.” Slatt in songs: “Told ’em wipe a nigga nose, say slatt, slatt” – Roddy Ricch, The Box. “In L.A. I link with slatt” – Playboi […]


Slide (slang) Type: verb Pronunciation: /sl-hyde/ Related: Slid What does Slide mean? 1. To leave or come through. Synonyms: Dip, Example sentence: “I’m boutta slide to Waffle House.” 2. To fight or hit someone. Synonyms: Fight, Punch, Example sentence: “If you touch me again, i’ma slide on you. Slide in songs: “Ready to slide, you […]


Slums (slang) Type: noun Pronunciation: /sl-ums/ Singular: Slum What does Slums mean? Very low income neighborhoods. Synonyms: The Hood, Ghetto, Trenches Example sentence: “I was born and raised in the slums.” Slums in songs: “Take you where I’m from, take you to the slums ” – Ty Dolla $ign, Psycho. “You know the slums made […]

Space coupe

Space coupe (slang) Type: noun Pronunciation: /s-pay-c-coo-p/ What does Space Coupe mean? A Rolls Royce wraith two seater. Synonyms: Phantom, Ghost, Coined by: Future Example sentence: “He pulled up to the yo in a space coupe. That car was looking futuristic.” Space coupe in songs: “Pick him up in a space coupe, I don’t let my plug […]


Stan (slang) Type: verb, noun Pronunciation: /st-an/ What does Stan mean? A stalker fan or super obsessive fan. Synonyms: Stalker Coined by: Eminem Origin: “Stan” was coined and popularized in 2000 by Eminem when he released his single “Stan” off his Grammy-winning album The Marshall Mathers LP. Throughout the song Eminem rapped from the point-of-view of an […]


Stoner (slang) Type: noun Pronunciation: /stone-er/ What does Stoner mean? A person that smokes a lot of weed. Synonyms: Pothead Example sentence: “I smoke weed everyday, I’m a stoner.” Stoner in songs: “Say she never smoked, I turned her into a stoner” – Wiz Khalifa, We Dem Boyz. “Ain’t sober, Kush odor, Kush sodas, crip […]


Stuntin’ (slang) Type: verb Pronunciation: /stun-tin/ Related: Stunt, Stunna What does Stuntin’ mean? To show off. Synonyms: Drip, Fresh, Swag Example sentence: “This Gucci shades got me stuntin‘ like my daddy.” Stuntin’ in songs: “I hate comin’ through stuntin‘ on niggas that I know – Drake, 6 God. “Nigga I ain’t stuntin‘ them hoes (hoes) […]


Sus (slang) Type: adjective Pronunciation: /saw-us/ Related: Suspect What does Sus mean and stand for? Something suspicious or shady. Coined by: Tyler, the Creator Example sentence: “That Van is hella sus, it’s been parked there for two days now.” Sus in songs: “Right now, you lookin’ real sus right now” – Kanye West, All Day. […]