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Screw (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /skru/

Related: Screwing, Screwed up, Screwed, Screw up, Screwin’

What does Screw mean?

1. To have sexual intercourse.

Screw Synonyms: Fuck, Smash, Hit, Pipe, Bang

2. To play records at a slower or half the original speed.

Screw Synonyms: Chop, Remix

3. DJ Screw’s nickname.

DJ Screw’s real name: Robert Earl Davis Jr.

Example sentence:I’m about to screw this record..”

Screw in songs:

“First I’ll screw you without these pliers, baby, or I might dap you like, “good try, baby”” – Young Thug, Constantly Hating.

“Rest in peace to Screw, tonight, we take it slowly” – Travis Scott, R.I.P. SCREW.

“In the H, reppinScrew, Flamin’ Harlem with the goons” – Sheck Wes, GANG GANG.

“Got yourself shanked up Cah your bros wanna screw” – T.Y, Next Up?.

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