Scoop (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /skoop/

Related: Scooped, Scooping, Scoopin’

What does Scoop mean?

To pick someone or something up.

Example sentence: “Yo come to the crib and scoop me.”

Scoop in songs:

“Know a lot of niggas that’ll marry your type, Bad bitch with a degree, I let ’em scoop ya I’m Koopa, I never been the Mario type, No saving hoes” – J. Cole, Trouble.

“Mom got a new whip so she could scoop me” – Tyler, the Creator, Domo23.

“Gettin’ money every day, I’m a groundhog ‘Bout to scoop ya girl up like a ground ball” – Lil Wayne, Miss Me.

Scoop up a dime-piece like we homeless” – J. Cole, ​​a m a r i.

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