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Scheme (slang)

Type: noun, verbs, slang

Pronunciation: /skeme/

Related: Schemin’, Scheming, Schemed, Schemer

What does Scheme mean?

1. An idea or plans you have to make money.

2. To make a plan to do something.

Scheme Synonyms: Plot

Example sentence:Robbing a bank was not a part of the scheme.”

Scheme in songs:

“Money bustin’ out my jeans like I do the scheme” – Kodak Black, ZEZE.

“Brand new harebrained scheme to get rich from” – Kanye West, Champion.

“Got a big money scheme and you ain’t even with it” – 2Pac, I Ain’t Mad At Cha.

“Thought of a scheme and it got me to thinking” – Eminem, Leaving Heaven.

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