Schemed (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /skeem-ed/

Related: Scheme, Schemin’, Scheming, Schemer

What does Schemed mean?

To have thought of an idea and plan to do or acquire something.

Schemed Synonyms: Plotted

Example sentence: “The builders schemed and bought the property.”

Schemed in songs:

“I schemed since I’m 14, what the fuck was your dream?” – Nas, Still Dreaming.

Schemed and schemed like a crack fiend king” – Q-Tip, Pubic Enemy.

“Sold a couple raps and I schemed on the green” – AJ Tracey, Fire in the Booth (Part 2).

“I been duped and been schemed” – Sho Baraka, Live Free.

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