Day One

Day One (slang) Type: noun, phrase Pronunciation: /day-one/ Plural: Day Ones Also spelled: Day 1 What does Day One mean? Someone you’ve known since the beginning. Synonyms: Bestie, Homie, Slime, Example sentence: “I’ve known Ope since second grade, that’s my day one.” Day One in songs: “You ain’t my day one and I know you […]


Deadass (slang) Type: adjective Pronunciation: /ded-ass/ Also spelled: Dead-ass, Dead ass What does Deadass mean? To be dead serious. Synonyms: Foreal, Fr, No Kizzy, Example sentence: “I deadass ate a burger every day this week.” Deadass in songs: “Remember them nights I was deadass broke, while I still had a milly on my mind – […]


Dick (slang) Type: noun Pronunciation: /d-ick/ Related: With a Dick What does Dick mean? An extended mag. Similar: Choppa, Glizzy, Draco, Glock, Example sentence: “He had a 40 with a dick.” Dick in songs: “I got a Glock with a dick, let’s get physical” – DaBaby, Under the Sun. “Glizzy got a beam and it […]


Dinero (slang) Type: noun Pronunciation: /Dine-ro/ What does Dinero mean? Money. Synonyms: Guala, Blue Faces, The Bag, Cheddar, Benji, Stacks, C-Note, Guap, Cheese, Example sentence: “We came up with a good plan for getting this dinero. Money time!” Origin: “Money” in the spanish language is “Dinero”. Dinero in songs: “Hov keep gettin’ that dinero, got it” […]


Dip (slang) Type: verb Pronunciation: /d-hip/ Related: Dippin’, Dipped What does Dip mean? To leave. Synonyms: Slide, Example sentence: “If the plug doesn’t come in 10 minutes, i’m gonna dip.” Dip in songs: “Only gon’ say this one time, then I’ll dip” – J. Cole, KOD “Yeah, never go, never go dip on the set, […]


Dippin’ (slang) Type: verb Pronunciation: /d-hip-pin/ Also spelled: Dipping Related: Dip, Dipped What does Dippin’ mean? Leaving. Synonyms: Slidin’, Bouncin’ Example sentence: “As soon as we saw the pigs, we were dippin’.” Dippin’ in songs: “We made you put your hands in the air, put that thang in your face, run your pockets, we dippin’” […]


Diss (slang) Type: noun Pronunciation: /d-is/ Related: Dissing, Dissed What does Diss mean? To disrespect someone. Example sentence: “Did he just diss me?” Diss in songs: “‘No, this ain’t a diss to the game, this a gas to the flame” – Logic, Homicide. “Fuck his baby mama, tryna sneak diss” – Future, Kings Dead. more […]


Dough (slang) Type: noun Pronunciation: /d-oh/ Similar: Bread, What does Dough mean? Money. Synonyms: Guap, Cheese, Guala, Racks, Pesos, Cake, Cheddar Example sentence: “I had to hit a lick and come up on some dough.” Dough in songs: “We GBE dope boys, we got lots of dough, boy” – Chief Keef, Love Sosa. “My flow, […]


Draco (slang) Type: noun Pronunciation: /dre-ko/ What does Draco mean? An automatic weapon or a Mini AK-47. Example sentence: “I keep a draco on me in case anyone wants smoke.” Draco in songs: “Draco got that kick-back when I blow that, they all do track.” – 6ix9ine, FEFE. “Draco make you do the chicken head […]


Drip (slang) Type: noun Pronunciation: /dri-p/ What does Drip mean? Swag. Synonyms: Fresh, Fly Example sentence: “He got too much Drip with that LV backpack.” Drip in songs: “Ric Flair Drip, go “woo” on a bitch” – Offset, Ric Flair Drip. “I gave ’em the drip, they sucked it up, I got ’em moanin’.” – […]