Scamming (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /skam-in/

Also spelled or known as: Scammin’

Related: Scam, Scammer, Scammed

What does Scamming mean?

To be partaking in illegal or dishonest ways of making money or committing fraud for financial gain.

Scamming Synonyms: Scheming

Example sentence: “Damn so he the hater was just scamming all along.”

Scamming in songs:

“Trackhawk too fast, scamming off of two jacks Caught him out in traffic, left his lilwhip with two flats” – BabyTron, King Of The Galaxy.

Blowing all this money ’cause it freeze Scamming in Miami by the beach” – Kodak Black, Feelin’ Peachy.

“Selling cocaine, fucking thot hoes Credit card scamming, fucking thot hoes” – Future, Thot Hoe.

“New day, new funeral, my grandma be panicking But I gotta eat, she just handing me sandwiches And an appetite like mine, got me scamming and scandeling” – Fabolous, Sacrifices.

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