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Scrappin’ (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /scrap-in/

Also spelled: Scrapping

Related: Scrap, Scrapped

What does Scrappin’ mean?

To be fighting.

ScrappinSynonyms: Throwin’ hands, Boxin’, Tusslin’, Squarin’ up

Example sentence: “These niggas was scrappin’ over a thot last night.”

Scrappin’ in songs:

“Besides rappin’, the only thing I did good was scrappin’” – 2Pac, Until the End of Time.

“But you was down for yours whenever it came to scrappin’” – Eminem, Difficult.

“Niggas get to scrappin’ then you hear the gats blasting” – J. Cole, Can i Live.

“All of my demons kept on fightin’ and scrappin’” – Hopsin, Kumbaya.

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